Excel – Shortcuts in Excel – Really Powerful

In this video I share ten powerful shortcuts in Excel. Generally spoken, shortcuts are really timesavers and if you want to speed up your work in Excel you need to add them to your arsenal.

The advantage of shortcuts in Excel is not only saving a lot of time but it also contributes to work in the ‘relax mode’.

And what about RSI?. The Repetitive Strain Injury? Have you ever thought about that?. A lot of people who are working with a computer today, deal with this problem because they make too much use of the mouse.

They don’t invest time to learn all the shortcuts which are possible in nearly all the software. Excel is one of such a tool where shortcuts are a great advantage

Yes indeed! You need to invest time to learn shortcuts. And in the beginning it won’t be easy. But hey, remember the time you were just nine or twelve months old. Did you walk like you do today? I don’t think so.

Step by step. That is the approach to learn shortcuts. Start with the one you will take the most benefit of. Probably AutoSum but it could even be the shortcut for copying some data (Ctrl C)

In my daily work I see a lot of people doing the same thing over and over again in Excel. Even if I have showed them how to work faster and which shortcut they can use to make their work more effectively.

But don’t forget that I am aware of the fact that it isn’t easy. It’s not that you are not ready for it. No that is not the reasen. It’s your brain who is talking to you. It’s your brain who don’t want to change.
So try to stand against your brain and tell her that she must change.

Science discovered that a human needs 60 days to rewire his brain. So take this challenge and begin with using shortcuts in Excel. Or in some other programs/software.

To learn something new or to remember things is just the power of repetition.

Besides that, it brings a lot of fun when you are working with shortcuts. Your boss will be amazed if you are able to deliver reports faster than before and probably you will finally get your promotion ?

Talking about funny. The last slide will show a shortcut which doesn’t have any relation with Excel but this one is really really funny. You can apply it everywhere and believe me, you will make some fun with your colleague. They will beg you to redo the action.
Hint: apply this one if your colleague hasn’t locked his computer when he left his desk.
By the way, you want to lock your computer in a fast way? Just use the key combination ‘windows key + L’.

My name is Jan Bolhuis and I’m Dutch. Because I’m working for a multinational and also working with the English version of Excel, I’ve got the advantage to know all the formulas in both languages.

Please feel free to contact me if you do have any questions.

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